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Aug 27, 2021
Persita Tangerang x Thanksinsomnia

Jul 21, 2021
Beautiful Magnet

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Shirt Draven Blue
Shirt Draven Grey
Tshirt Qloe Black Thanksinsomnia
Jul 10, 2021
Try our newest washed t-shirt collections.

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Tshirt Infinity Black
Tshirt Infinity Pink
Tshirt Elly Striped Navy White
Tshirt Mayra Multicolor Black Washed
Tshirt Mayshell Black Washed
May 31, 2021
A day with Dinda Yasmin

May 31, 2021
Garden Statue Of an Angels

May 31, 2021
Rugby Shirt & Jackets

May 21, 2021
May 2021

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Jacket Ybelle Green Thanksinsomnia
Jacket Ybelle Black Thanksinsomnia
Cardigan Janne Black Thanksinsomnia
Cardigan Janne Leopard Green Thanksinsomnia
Cardigan Elrica Black Thanksinsomnia
Apr 11, 2021
Sunday Mixtape Tshirt Kaidee

Gather round boys and come hear the tale of how T-shirts became perfectly acceptable things to wear in public.


When it comes to luxed-up basics that come with every detail thought through they come in a staggering number of colors and look great in practically all of them.


this is the second installment Sunday Mixtape Merch pick for you.


Each piece has been carefully selected by Thanksinsomnia, proudly made in BSD CITY. We are live via


Details on @thxnsmncatalog


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Tshirt Kaidee Yellow Thanksinsomnia
Tshirt Kaidee Red Thanksinsomnia
Tshirt Kaidee Purple Thanksinsomnia
Tshirt Kaidee Pink Thanksinsomnia
Tshirt Kaidee Black Thanksinsomnia
Mar 15, 2021
Popeye X Thanksinsomnia Second Batch!

It's the second batch collaboration with Popeye the Sailor Man.

Taking cues from childhood memories, the capsule range consists of seven pieces in total, all t-shirts, with some playful and bright graphics.

The collection also sporting ThanksInsomnia’s coordinate number and its bold college logo. In this collection, the brand dominantly put the heavy graphics from many activities of Popeye the Sailor Man on the back of the t-shirt.

You can easily find & buy the product at thanksinsomnia official shopee,, or contact us via WhatsApp.

Be the first to have the latest collection from Popeye X Thanksinsomnia!

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Tshirt Popeye X Thanksinsomnia Karissa Popeye Black
Tshirt Popeye X Thanksinsomnia Michele Popeye Black
Tshirt Popeye X Thanksinsomnia Mayra Popeye Black
Tshirt Popeye X Thanksinsomnia Gruska Popeye Black
Tshirt Popeye X Thanksinsomnia Olive Saved Black
Feb 17, 2021
Striped tees "SIGRID" Collections

Produk yang Diulas :
Longsleeve Sigrid Red White Thanksisnomnia
Longsleeve Sigrid Striped Yellow Thanksinsomnia
Longsleeve Sigrid Striped Navy Grey Thanksinsomnia
Longlseeve Sigrid Striped Small Red Thanksinsomnia
Longsleeve Sigrid Striped Blue Thanksinsomnia
Dec 18, 2020
Kizuna AI | Thanksinsomnia

Kolaborasi Khusus dengan Ai Kizuna, Virtual Idol dan

Thanksinsomnia dari Indonesia. Item kolaborasi ini dirilis di 60%


V-Tuber pertama di dunia, Ai Kizuna, dan Thanksinsomnia merilis resmi

item kolaborasi di 60% edisi terbatas.

Toko online pertama di dunia yang berbasis di Asia bernama 60% (sixtypercent) telah meluncurkan spesial

item kolaborasi dengan Ai Kizuna dan Thanksinsomnia. Item kolaborasi ini akan

dirilis pada tanggal 21 Desember 20:00 (JST) di seluruh dunia.

Halaman Kolaborasi Khusus

Seiring dengan ide "connecting with people worldwide" oleh Kizuna Ai, kami menciptakan

kaos tanpa musim dan topi orisinal dengan konsep desain "hello, world", datang dari

Livestream XR Ai "hello, world 2020" yang akan tayang pada 28 Desember 2020. Dengan kreativitas

Thanksinsomnia sendiri, item kolaborasi ini diluncurkan di website 60% (sixtypercent) online store.

【Jadwal Rilis】

21 Desember 20:00 (JST) 2020 hingga 3 Januari 23:59 (JST) 2021.

※ Produk kolaborasi ini adalah pre-order

【Bisa didapatkan di】

Halaman khusus 60% (sixtypercent):

【Harga / Ukuran】 ※ Termasuk PPN / Biaya pengiriman

Kaos Kizuna AI × Thanksinsomnia Collaboration Cording (PUTIH / HITAM)

Harga : 6.000 JPY

Ukuran: S, M, L, XL

Kizuna AI × Thanksinsomnia Collaboration Hello World Tshirt (WHITE / BLACK)

Harga : 6.000 JPY

Ukuran: S, M, L, XL

Kizuna AI × Thanksinsomnia Collaboration Logo Cap (HITAM)

Harga : 5.000 JPY

Ukuran : F

Kizuna AI × Thanksinsomnia Collaboration Hello World Cap (BLACK)

Harga : termasuk biaya pengiriman 5.000 JPY ※

Ukuran : F

◾ Ai Kizuna

Mulai Desember 2016. Dia telah memulai Youtube sebagai Youtuber Virtual Idol pertama di dunia

Dengan konsep utama "Connecting with you". Jumlah subscribers yang ia miliki adalah 2,8 juta sejauh ini, jadi jumlah Gaming-commentary Youtube subscirbers adalah 1,5 juta. Dia telah aktif di berbagai saluran termasuk TV dan

Media Komersial. Dia juga telah aktif di seluruh dunia tidak hanya di pasar dalam negri, dia berkembang menjadi jembatan antara teknologi canggih dan manusia.

▶ Instagram:

▶ Twitter:

◾ Thanksinsomnia

Brand streetwear populer & nomor satu di Jakarta. Produk yang unik dan spesial selalu terjual habis.

▶ Brand Page:

▶ Instagram:

◾ 60% ( sixtypercent )

60% (sixtypercent) adalah toko pilihan online berbasis di Asia pertama di dunia yang didirikan di Tokyo, Jepang. Mengangkat konsep "Asian streetwear" dan mengkurasi lebih dari 200+ merek streetwear dari 10

Negara-negara Asia. Berbagai merek memiliki toko di website 60%.


▶ Instagram:

Dec 06, 2020
Nevertoolavish X Thanksinsomnia

IT'S HERE! Keep calm and swing it.

@thanksinsomnia X @nevertoolavish #ForPar Collection

Your approach shot must be more 🔥 than ever 🏌🏻🏌🏻‍♀️

Run for it at Driving Range Bintaro - @drivingrangebintaro

Online Will Available on 07/12/2020

#thxnsmnntl #Golf

Nov 11, 2020
Local Drama Issue // @therealdisastr

Nov 11, 2020
Logo by Azchatobing

Thanksinsomnia has teamed up with Azcha Ervian Permana Putra also known as Azchatobing for making apparel & accessories

such a tshirts, watch, sticker, etc.

Azchatobing is a professional Photographer, videographer, director 

for commercial & music video.

this collaboration is about alter ego azcha himself & photography.

The logo of "EYE" mean, 

In general, the camera can only be seen with a viewfinder with only one eye, 

so the conclusion is that the exposure triangle and camera are what make the logo formed.

"Photography is not just a photo and personal, but indeed the eye behind it matters"

-- Azchatobing.